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Xi’an & the Terracotta Warriors 

Xi'an was the capital of 11 dynasties over a period of 4,000 years and is a tourist attraction as popular as the Great Wall itself. See the underground spirit army of the First Emperor, Qin Shuang Di, the man who unified China and gave the country its name (Qin became China). Emperor Qin also began the Great Wall...and in death wished to be he built an underground mausoleum of terracotta warriors, with horses and chariots. It lay underground, forgotten by history, for more than 2,200 years, until it was discovered - quite by accident - by peasants digging a well during a drought in 1974. The rest is history...and what a history.. 

Day 1

Previous destination - Xi'an 

Upon arrival, your local Xi'an guide will meet you at the airport or station and take you to visit the Ancient City walls that surround this old city. If you are interested, you could rent a bike on the wall and ride the entire wall in an hour and a half. Visit the Big Goose Pagoda where you will be able to climb to the top of the pagoda for a bird's view of Xi'an. In the evening, enjoy a Dumpling banquet before returning to your hotel.

Day 2

Xi'an (Breakfast, Lunch)

After breakfast, visit the Shaanxi Provincial Museum;  learn about China's history and have a better understanding before your visit to the warriors. After Hand-pulled noodles for lunch, you will visit the thousands of life size Terracotta Warriors and Horses about an hour and a half from Xi'an. Your visit includes a Circlorama 360 film presentation of the history of the warriors..thus enhancing your visit. In the afternoon, you return to Xi'an to visit the Grand Mosque with Muslim Quarter. Stroll on Muslim street and see how Chinese Muslims live. Your guide will show you the famous local snacks available here. After an exciting day, you will be transferred back to your hotel.

Optional extra - if you like extravagant costumes, elaborate staging and Chinese dances, ask your guide to take you to the Tang Dynasty dinner and show.


Day 3

Xi'an - next destination (Breakfast)

After breakfast, hop over to Shu Yuan Men for a unique shopping experience. Then it is time to say goodbye to your Xian guide as you will be transferred to the airport or station for your journey to your next destination.

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