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Travel adventures in China

Updated: Jul 28, 2018

Join me on my travel adventures in the Middle Kingdom

I've just come back from six weeks travelling across this magnificent, magical, mysterious land and suffering mega withdrawal symptoms! Using public transport - from air travel and highspeed modern bullet trains, overnight sleepers, local bus, river boat, taxis, tuktuks, sharebikes, electric scooters and on foot, I travelled all over China, meeting so many lovely people along the way. I stayed in traditional riverside inns, friendly hostels, 4 star hotels and in people's homes. All immaculately clean and comfortable with modern amenities.

China is an amazing country which exceeds all your expectations and banishes the misconceptions which so many Westerners have of this land. Where ancient pagodas, pavilions and temples, beautiful old towns and villages from long gone dynasties, misty mountains, lakes and rivers, green tea terraces and hillside rice fields contrast with modern cities offering every convenience.

There's a surprise around every bend.

I've spent my mornings in city parks where the locals practice calligraphy, do tai chi, exercise, sing and dance, lazy afternoons exploring the old backstreet alleys of Shanghai, watched the sun set across the Li River, chilled in cozy jazz clubs in the hutongs of Beijing. To say nothing of all the museums and art galleries ..

China's cities are clean and crime-free with cheap and efficient public transport. Delicious food abounds on every street and markets overflow with fresh, colorful farm produce. With friendly, kind people who make you feel so welcome.

I can't wait to go back!

Come and explore the Middle Kingdom with me, for an unforgettable, exhilarating experience that will expand your mind, change your perceptions and leave you with memories to last forever.

Let me help you design an adventure in China to suit your budget, interests, available time and mobility. I've got ready-made budget itineraries for small groups or individuals, join in tours and alternative travel to suit every special interest, with the friendliest of local English speaking guides.

So whether you want to go on a horse trek across the Mongolian steppe, explore mosques and markets on the old Silk Road, learn the art of Chinese landscape painting on location with a master artist, try your hand at Chinese cooking, walk the Great Wall of China, cycle or hike through the karst mountains and river valleys of ancient Guangxi province - China has unforgettable adventures waiting at every turn for you to discover.

Call me now on 0724826131, or send me an email at and tell me what interests you about China.

Zàijiàn... chat soon Liz Linsell



PS I'm also planning a winter adventure in early 2019 to visit the legendary Harbin Ice Festival and to join in the Chinese New Year and Spring festival celebrations, with skiing also an option.

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